Envestnet is excited to announce our third product release of 2022. Here is a quick review of the updates users can expect to see:

Enhanced proposal capabilities

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our proposal tool this year, with good reason – it is one of the most important ways Envestnet helps advisors to create proposals for their investors. With this release, we have addressed usability issues that users brought to our attention and added new capabilities around sustainability. We now have a sustainability questionnaire (similar to the risk tolerance questionnaire) that advisors can use to better understand their clients’ preferences.

Support for the new SEC marketing rule

In preparation for the new SEC marketing rule going into effect in November, we’ve updated both our proposal and research capabilities. These updates will help assist our users to keep in compliance with the new regulations.

New third-party integrations

We’re continually working to build and expand the Envestnet ecosystem of solutions. Having a robust ecosystem of tools at your fingertips is one of the best ways advisors can work to help their clients to live an Intelligent Financial Life. With this release, we’re happy to announce a deeper integration with our partners at YieldX. Through this strategic partnership, we can enable advisors to bring more income-related solutions to clients.

Improved visibility into distributions

Finally, with this release, we’ve enhanced advisor visibility into upcoming distributions for their client accounts. This expanded view helps advisors ensure they are able to have comprehensive conversations with their clients around their overall portfolio.

Your Envestnet Enterprise or Regional Consultant is ready to assist you with more information and insight into how you can leverage these changes or access new offerings.

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