At Envestnet, we believe that with consumer education, smart technology, and a reframing of how advisors and their clients work together, the advisor of the future will be able to make a connected, Intelligent Financial Life™ a reality for an ever-growing proportion of the population.

With a focus on technology, here’s what you should expect from your wealth management solutions.

Client management

When it comes to managing your client relationships, expectations have changed. You need data. Digital data at your fingertips, not in a filing cabinet. That data enables you to deepen your client relationships, more so than ever before. It also gives you great visibility into your clients’ lives, which helps you provide deeply tailored advice.

From a technical standpoint, you should expect to leverage your client relationship management (CRM) platform to segment clients and tailor their experience. It should also connect your portfolio recommendations to your planning process – those should not live separately from one another. And finally, your CRM solution should offer a client portal that makes it easy for clients to access information.

Portfolio management

Delivering personalization at scale should be a critical capability of any solution you choose to use. Clients want their investment portfolios to align with their unique circumstances and goals. Capturing client insights and efficiently turning them into real-world allocations is a big part of a successful client relationship.

To accomplish that, you’ll need a platform that can identify opportunities in your book of business and automate tasks. Unified Managed Account solutions can help you to enable hyper-personalization at scale, while overlay services help you apply holistic asset management based on your client’s tax situation or preferences.

Business operations

Centralized portal strategies will enable you to do more with less, while simultaneously improving the home office, advisor or RIA, client, and partner experiences. In a wealth management technology solution, you should be able to customize your platform administration strategy to ensure consistent oversight and transparency across all users. Automation is also a big consideration, to reduce the time spent on “back-office” tasks. And of course, data access is critical – you want to provide your clients with on-demand, real time access to their financial data.


As you build your business, you have an idea in your mind of the client experience you are looking to create. Tech integrations turn your idea into reality. Besides creating a superior experience for your clients, integrations can also enhance your business operations, saving you time and money. To best take advantage of tech integrations, identify providers who have established integration partnerships today. Cloud-based solutions may also make future integration opportunities easier to accomplish. And in general, it helps to work with companies that encourage development and innovation. A great platform provider should see integrations as opportunities, not competition.

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