The Envestnet evolution continues! This quarter’s release pushes towards greater platform efficiency and enhanced usability – continuing to offer financial wellness as a service and not just as a concept. As you review this and future updates, you’ll see how we’ve focused on Envestnet’s role as a provider of data, tools, and technology that help you to optimize your client exchanges with highly personalized service.

A few of the latest updates

Filter with multiple options in the Account History Report
Maintaining functionality and consistency across all Envestnet’s platforms has been a focal point for R3 2021. You can now filter and search data based on account numbers throughout the Advisor Portal. This enhancement allows you to search multiple account numbers in all the screens that support the ‘Account’ filter.

Adjust fee components in the Product Change bills
Transparency is of the utmost importance for you and your clients. To eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest related to the timing of a product change completion, we’ve added the ability to optionally adjust only the affected fee components in the Product Change bills.

Performance reporting for non-held/present dividends
Our Product Team has been hard at work updating our performance reporting accuracy and capabilities. With this enhancement, performance spikes are prevented by maintaining the accrued interest as a placeholder in the account until either dividend is posted or up to 10 days following the pay date.

Last reconciled date on the Disclosure Display
Prior to this enhancement, the disclosure displaying the last recorded reconciliation date was displayed only in the Online account-level reports, but not in the Statement account-level reports. Now the disclosure is shown in cases where the last reconciled date is older than the last snapshot date for accounts from providers designated as data aggregators.

Curious where all of this is going? Revisit our Platform Roadmap to see our plan for the evolution of the Envestnet Platform.

Additional details on the more broadly available enhancements can be found in the Advisor Update. Depending on your use of the Envestnet platform, additional changes that occurred during the release may not be found in that document. Your Envestnet Enterprise or Regional Consultant is ready to assist you with more information and insight into how you can leverage these changes or access new offerings.

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