Our vision of helping to make financial wellness a reality for everyone starts, in many ways, with our platform, moving financial wellness beyond just a concept to an actual service. Advisors can be the gateway to this for most Americans, and a robust, integrated, seamless platform experience can enable you to more efficiently leverage a greater set of capabilities to meet your clients’ evolving needs.

Our latest technology release went live on February 15, and while many of the changes you’ll notice with this release are more tactical in nature, they should serve to improve your experience with the platform and your ability to offer highly personalized service that can help your clients connect the various facets of their financial lives.

For example, users now have the ability to configure multiple email IDs to all types of advisor notifications. In addition, we introduced a mechanism to calculate the values of the Year-to-Date (YTD) fields of realized gain/loss in the Book of Business Gain/Loss report, and we also added new security types to the drop-down menu on the Edit Holdings page of the Current Assets, Current Accounts, and selected account in the proposal workflow.

You’ll also notice several enhancements to Performance Reporting, including updates to disclosure language, a new S&P Comparison Report (Sector Comparison), and improvements to the Activity Overview report for enhanced usability.

We’ve been working to deeply integrate the suite of BlackRock technologies into the Envestnet platform over the last several releases, to provide you with a cohesive experience and complementary toolset. There will be as-needed improvements to iRetire and Advisor Center; however, the core work is now complete.

There continue to be meaningful changes to the Insurance Exchange to further support the integration of protection products alongside investment solutions, and you can expect a more specific focus on Protection Intelligence moving forward.

Further details about the enhancements listed above, and others, are outlined in the Advisor or Strategic Updates. Depending on your use of the Envestnet platform, additional changes that occurred during the release may not be found in those documents. Contact your Envestnet Enterprise or Regional Consultant for more information.

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The information, analysis and opinions expressed herein are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Envestnet. These views reflect the judgment of the author as of the date of writing and are subject to change at any time without notice. Nothing contained in this piece is intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting, securities, or investment advice, nor an opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, nor a solicitation of any type.

Through a holding company subsidiary, BlackRock, Inc. (“BlackRock”) owns a non-controlling interest in Envestnet’s parent company, Envestnet, Inc. (NYSE: ENV).

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