The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread, and in March we made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Envestnet Advisor Summit, set to take place April 29-30 at the Austin Convention Center.

The real value of Advisor Summit lies in the sense of community and connection it fosters, while delivering advice, technology, data, insights, and expertise from across the industry. We felt a responsibility to find a way to deliver that experience, and we’re excited to announce the launch of the 2020 Envestnet Advisor Summit On-Demand.

Available online immediately, Advisor Summit On-Demand features:

  • Keynote sessions from Envestnet’s Bill Crager, Brinker Capital’s Dr. Daniel Crosby, and BlackRock’s Larry Fink.
  • Ten CFP and CIMA approved sessions for continuing education credits.
  • Technology demos from both Envestnet and our partners, allowing advisors to see the impact these enhancements can have on their practices.

We’ll continue to add new sessions and materials throughout the year, so check back often! We already have a great slate of content available now, including a presentation from Kevin Hughes, Chief Growth Officer, and Matt Thompson, Head of MoneyGuide Training, at Envestnet | MoneyGuide.

The interview with Kevin below highlights their presentation, “Envestnet | MoneyGuide: The Planning Brothers,” and his advice for advisors and investors in the current environment.

Advisor Summit On-Demand is an all-new experience. What are your thoughts on the digital event?

It’s really exciting that the conference circuit is pivoting in this direction. Envestnet has quickly transformed Advisor Summit into an online experience that gives enterprises and advisors the opportunity to take advantage of a breadth of thought leadership, tools, and experiences in a new way. As an organization, Envestnet | MoneyGuide focuses on digital engagement between advisors and investors, putting financial plans into action and driving financial wellness. A digital perspective seems like a natural fit for us, and we’re excited to hear feedback from attendees.

What does your presentation cover?

We truly believe that when it comes to financial planning, we need to make it easier for both advisors and investors to get answers. Advisors may have challenges related to executing a truly comprehensive financial planning process, and investors are often apprehensive to face the realities of their financial situation and goals. Our presentation will offer solutions to make the process easier on both sides, breaking down the barriers that could be preventing success.

We hope you view our presentation and join us in getting the band back together – we’ve got a surprise!

Are there any key takeaways someone should expect to learn from your presentation?

We anticipate that advisors will leave the presentation with a game plan for engaging investors of every demographic, including those with complex finances and clients with adult children. After clients pass away, their children often move those assets, so preparing to mitigate that now should be a greater focus for advisors.

If you could offer one piece of advice for advisors, what would it be?

Many advisors have been reluctant to engage with technology and believe their clients are similarly apprehensive. We feel incredibly confident that now, more than ever, digital engagement is critical. Client use of online tools is accelerating in the current environment. In fact, we have seen activity on our portal increase 55 percent in just the first quarter of this year. We don’t expect that to slow down. Digital tools can make advisors’ lives much more efficient and can really aid in helping their clients better understand the complexities of investing. We hope advisors view our presentation and learn some great ways to ease into digital engagement to help their clients embrace their advice virtually.

If you could offer one piece of advice for investors, what would it be?

It’s pretty simple: Get excited about understanding your current finances and where you stand in terms of tracking against your goals. Don’t run from it! The sooner you engage, the better positioned you will be to achieve success.

Are there other MoneyGuide experiences someone should check out on Advisor Summit On-Demand?

We’re offering a powerful continuing education program focused on tax planning and offering credits to attendees. The session discusses tax planning strategies in retirement, including Roth Conversions and Qualified Charitable Distributions, and decisions around portfolio withdrawals. In addition, we will share ways to identify opportunities for these strategies using a client’s financial plan, and the effects they can have on a plan’s outcome.

Do you have any thoughts on what 2020 might hold for the WealthTech industry or for Envestnet | MoneyGuide?

While it’s hard to look too far into the future because things change so fast in this industry, I do believe we’ll see advisors step into a coaching role more than ever before, guiding clients in making better decisions. They do this today, but it’s going to become a very critical component of their value proposition in the near future. I look forward to seeing how advisors take advantage of that opportunity and the impact it will have on their growth.

As a company, we’re innovating at a pace that we believe is pushing us ahead of the competition. We really believe in our technology, and we’re going to continue to make advancements at a rapid pace. We’re excited to share our roadmap with everyone in attendance.

You can view Kevin’s session—and many others—now by visiting the the 2020 Advisor Summit On-Demand site!

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