Due to the recent drawdown in the market, your clients may be relying more on credit and looking for ways to increase their liquidity.

Peter Stanton, CEO at Advisor Credit Exchange, recently moderated a webinar hosted by John Yackel, Head of Strategic Initiatives for Envestnet, that included a panel of wealth management and lending executives, who discussed how advisors can help clients manage credit as strategically as they manage their assets.

By integrating lending advice and solutions into your wealth management practice, you can help clients manage both sides of the balance sheet to build net worth and pursue their goals.

Expanding Advisory Services to Help Clients Achieve Financial Wellness

To weather the current economic storm, investors may be looking for help:

  • Controlling their finances.
  • Increasing their ability to withstand financial shocks.
  • Staying on course to pursue financial goals.
  • Increasing financial security.

If your clients express the need to liquidate assets, build cash reserves, or fund their small businesses, they may be looking at financing options.

However, while 83 percent of clients expect help with loan and credit management, only three percent receive it.1 Client credit needs may remain unfulfilled because of:

  1. Choice: Limited product offers versus traditional lenders.
  2. Fear: Of an application rejection or uncompetitive rates / terms.
  3. Process: Uncertainty about the process and service quality across lenders.

Financial advisors are uniquely positioned to help their clients borrow and manage credit as part of the ongoing financial planning process.

By adding credit profiling to liability management, you may enhance the value you deliver to clients. Profiling credit needs is a natural step during prospecting or regular planning meetings with clients, and when there are significant changes in interest rates or client circumstances.

Building Wealth with Integrated Credit Solutions

Using the Envestnet Credit Exchange, you can proactively offer clients advice-driven financing options. The Envestnet Credit Exchange features a wide array of prequalified credit offers to meet clients’ current or future liquidity needs.

The Envestnet Credit Exchange is a comprehensive experience that:

  1. Automatically generates multiple loan options to help meet clients’ liability needs.
  2. Provides advisors with a streamlined screening process so they can generate real-time offer sheets with direct links to the lending partners.
  3. Offers uniform loan products from carefully selected lenders with high-service standards and large lending capacity.

Creating Deeper Client Relationships with Credit

By discussing credit with your clients, you can gain deeper insights into their total financial pictures, which may lead to additional investment and insurance opportunities. Other potential advantages to offering credit, include:

  • Keeping clients fully invested in your relationship.
  • Protecting your client relationships from competitors who offer financing.
  • Creating opportunities to derive revenue from other services.
  • Enabling the ability to approach clients earlier in their financial lifecycles.

For additional details and insights, watch a replay of the webinar, “Managing Credit As Strategically As Investments.”


  1. “Defining Wealth Management,” Spectrem, August 2018, https://spectrem.com/Content_Product/-defining-wealth-management.

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