Americans today worry more about money than their health, family, or career.1 Recent market volatility and the impact of the coronavirus may only increase their concerns. Now is the time to step forward and make clear the value you can provide as a guide, helping prospects and clients navigate the journey to financial wellness.

Your perspective, empathy, and advice can help them:

  1. Develop and stick to a financial plan, providing a roadmap to avoid potentially irrational decisions during market swings, and offering alternate routes for achieving the same goals.
  2. Potentially achieve greater financial return, with advice and insight into financial planning, asset allocation, investment selection, systematic rebalancing, and tax management.
  3. Learn from a trusted partner, helping them figure out what to do next and providing the education they need to better understand the decision-making process.

Download “How A Financial Advisor Can Help You Achieve Financial Wellness” for key messaging related to communicating your value, and share it with clients and prospects to help reinforce your existing relationships and grow your practice.


1. Jessica Dickler, “And the Number 1 cause of stress is … money,”, last modified on February 12, 2019,

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