When your day-to-day focus is on helping your clients achieve their financial goals – setting strategies, maintaining communication, evaluating next steps – how can you ensure that your practice is prepared to meet the changing needs of these trusted relationships? Even if your goals go beyond increasing revenue or expanding your client roster, it’s critical to align with your clients’ service expectations, which will likely change over time, in order to maintain those relationships and avoid turnover.

Today’s investors want advice based on their entire financial picture, which encompasses planning, investing, managing credit, and protection. Seamlessly tying those pieces together to enable advisors to offer unified advice is our primary focus. The launch of the Envestnet Credit Exchange is the next step in furthering that mission.

The Envestnet Credit Exchange

The Envestnet Credit Exchange, powered by Advisor Credit Exchange (ACE) and available through the sponsor and advisor portals on the Envestnet platform, generates a broad range of real-time, pre-qualified credit opportunities through a select network of lenders, valued from $5,000 to $25 million or more.

With support from regional lending specialists to help you get started, you can leverage the Credit Exchange to present pre-qualified loan proposals to your clients – quickly, at competitive rates, and with a high degree of confidence in their approval.

The Benefits of Lending

Even with access to a variety of available lending options, investors often need guidance around what’s best for their unique situations. Lenders don’t have the broad perspective and insight into a full financial picture to advise them at this level. The consultative approach that an advisor can offer can be a significant differentiator in the pursuit of financial health and balance.

For advisors, the Credit Exchange is an opportunity to attract and retain clients by offering a new service that provides insight into both sides of an investor’s balance sheet. In some cases, this leads to the discovery of unknown assets that can have a significant impact on the planning and advice you provide and better position your clients for success. This level of engagement can foster trusting relationships that naturally sustain over time and put you in a position to serve as your clients’ primary financial contact – able to provide funds when they need it the most – which can lead to referrals or additional growth opportunities over time.

Looking Ahead

The Credit Exchange is currently active, thriving, and expanding based on advisor and investor demand. We recently announced a new of slate of lenders, including TD Bank; LightStream, a Division of SunTrust; Nationwide (in partnership with Supernova Lending, LLC); and First Citizens Bank. Each lender has been carefully curated based on product offering, service quality, and financing expertise. We are planning for additional lenders, new loan types, and a broader market expansion throughout the year, with the goal of maintaining a robust suite of consumer and commercial/business lending capabilities that will align with common investor loan requests.

While a powerful advisory platform that integrates the services and software you need to provide value and streamline your business, the technology itself is merely a gateway that can enable you to offer consultative support and truly unified advice across all aspects of your clients’ finances. With loan opportunities curated for each client’s unique financial circumstances, you can leverage the Credit Exchange to help make you a more efficient and effective advisor, provide specialized support, and enable the growth of your practice.

The information, analysis and opinions expressed herein are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the views of Envestnet. These views reflect the judgment of the author as of the date of writing and are subject to change at any time without notice. Nothing contained in this piece is intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting, securities, or investment advice, nor an opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, nor a solicitation of any type.

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