As we strive to advance our advisors’ ability to help their clients achieve financial wellness, we’re excited to provide you with subscription-based access to two of BlackRock’s most popular advisor technologies through seamless integration with the Envestnet platform.

Advisor Center and iRetire® can help you save valuable time, make more informed decisions, build stronger relationships, and better connect with new and existing clients as you evolve with their needs and expectations.

Advisor Center

Advisor Center makes it easy to analyze portfolios, identify potential areas of risk, and anticipate potential tax impacts. Client-ready outputs highlight the impact you’re having on your clients’ portfolios and show prospects how working with you could change their trajectory, helping them build the confidence they need to invest, and stay invested, with you.


iRetire helps enhance the relationships you have with your clients, enabling more efficient conversations around retirement, so they understand their financial situation relative to their goals and how their choices today can potentially impact future outcomes. By illustrating the impact of financial tradeoffs, your clients may be able to make more informed decisions about saving, spending, and investing.

iRetire’s innovative technology will help you create robust and versatile retirement-focused investment plans that demonstrate the expertise you bring to the table. As a result, you’ll be better positioned to employ a consistent, repeatable process to help clients who are approaching retirement, while also helping your clients to stay on track for the sustainable income they want in retirement. You’ll also be able to better leverage your time with the ability to instantly produce easy-to-understand, downloadable results in just a few steps.

With powerful prospecting capabilities and the ability to offer client-ready insights, Advisor Center and iRetire will help you connect with your clients and prospects, building trust and demonstrating the value of your expertise and advice. These sophisticated tools make it easy to:

  • Build, manage, and stress test portfolios
  • Create compelling retirement income plans
  • Anticipate potential tax impacts
  • Produce reports that are designed to help clients and prospects understand the value of your advice

The initial phase of the integration is complete, addressing two key areas:

  • Proposal integration, enabling you to run an iRetire analysis seamlessly within the Envestnet proposal workflow
  • Access to the Advisor Center portfolio analysis tools from Envestnet model management pages, enabling you to import model data back to the Envestnet platform

We are accelerating work to fully integrate these technologies into our platform, but we invite you to start using them today. If you have general questions or comments about the Envestnet platform and these enhancements, contact Envestnet Platform Support. If you need assistance subscribing to BlackRock’s technologies, contact Envestnet Expert.

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